Professionals in human capital

Source & Chill is a consulting company dedicated to the search of candidates for key management positions and related consultancy services in the field of human capital.

We work with people who we believe  will meet the professional, mental and moral requirements of a particular position.

The essence of our philosophy is an individual and their continuous self-development. Placement of the most suitable candidate in any organization is the cornerstone for its future competitiveness. Our company also helps to maintain and further develop the human capital.

Areas of Practice

Executive Search

Searching for a new employee for any organization is understood as a complex process where each part plays a key role in accepting the right candidate for employment.

It is our aim to search for and find as many high quality employees as your company needs. A successful search for the best candidate requires clearly defined procedures.

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Employer Branding

Employee satisfaction plays the key role in long-term development of any organization.  The employees are the ones who are the main carriers of employer brand. Using  the technology of  Balance Management, we comprehensively analyze the atmosphere in which your employees work and with it, the overall corporate culture. This is where the employer branding begins.

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Career Advisory

Seeking a job in areas where you can capitalize your predispositions is the key element of success in the labour market.

Let yourself be guided on the path to success in the labour market by real experts. Your mere experience is not enough. We will help you with your self-presentation, crafting your elevator pitch, or  we can introduce you to specific job offers straight away.

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Talent Management

We are convinced that in order to be successful in the field of work, it is necessary to devote time to developing our strengths – not to improving the weaknesses. People who reveal their strengths and develop them further are more successful at work, have more quality relationships with colleagues, but most of all, they create a future which is based on strong foundations.

We use a long-proven and accepted method Gallup Strenghtsfinder 2.0, used by organizations worldwide, which is aimed at measuring the strengths of individuals as well as entire teams.

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